Silver Hand Recruits Commander Ansela 20 ( As One (advancement) required) Silver Hand Knights (G) Knights of the Silver Hand devote themselves as diligently to combat training as much as they do to their whiskey pete's casino and hotel daily prayers, honoring their battle skills in order to best defend.
This allows you to keep your 7th champion as a full-time Combat Ally.Arcanists Grand Conjurer Mimic 85 Kirin Tor Invokers (G) Arcane Power Increases success chance of missions.Champions start at level 100 with the common quality and can be upgraded to level 110 and better quality by gaining experience from missions.They do, however, gain experience with each world quest you complete when using them as a combat ally.2018: Updated for.3.5 and added best setup recommendations.Death Knight, the best setup for Death Knight would be to use Darion, Koltira, Minerva, Nazgrim, Thassarian, Thoras and Meatball.Hunter, the best setup for Hunter would be to use Addie, Blake, Emmarel, Halduron, Hemet, Rexxar and Meatball.Forest Friends Sister Lilith 20 ( Laughing Sisters (advancement) required) Druids of the Claw (G) Ursol's Resolve Increases success chance of missions.

The second slot is unlocked as soon as they hit epic quality.Long missions (more than 8 hours) are still more common than short missions.Dinner Guest Moroes ' ability Dinner Invitations Krokul Ridgestalker (2) The Krokul have evaded extinction and endured Argus' infernal landscape.Hellfire Ignite the area around the Warlock, to counter a Minion.Order hall upgrades (research i Odyn's Favor, rallying Cry.Breath of Fire Breathe fire in front of you to counter a Minion.How do I get a combat ally?In general, for the first two slots you'll want to have the 20 with T2 troops item and the 15 to all missions item.Student of The Tiger Gin Lai 85 ( Path of the Tiger (advancement) required) Tiger Masters (G) Masterful Tiger Stance Increases success chance of missions.
There are two types of equipment: the equipment increases your order resource reward when completing World Quests; the equipment increases your gold reward when completing World Quests.
If you don't get more trading materials than you invest when making the item, there is absolutely no reason to make the item in the first place.

They are divided into lesser (maximum is 3 greater (maximum 2 powerful (maximum 2 and special troops (maximum 1).