TipsOut claims that you can use undead racial to get out of polymorph.
70 armor Chest: - 100hp - 3 defence veikkaus finder (Core Armor Kit) - 4 all stats Bracers: - 9 stamina - 3def (enchanting) Gloves: - 3 defence (Core Armor Kit) - 7 agi Legs: - 100hp (Libram of Constitution) - 1 Dodge (Libram of Protection).
The slightest improvement can mean progression which is what we are all aiming for.
As a tank you want to get defense cap.The use-effect also puts a thorns buff on you that does 5 damage to all attackers for the next 10 minutes (The buff persists even when changing helms).Here is the list: Helm: Presence of Might (Primal Hakkari Idol Punctured Voodoo Doll) (T2 or Better) Back: 1 Dodge x3 Nexus Crystals, x8 Large Brilliant Shards, x8 Guardian Stone Chest: 4 All Stats x4 Large Brilliant Shard, x15 Illusion Dust, x10 Greater Eternal Essence.Tanks, YOU want ironfoe instead.For rings go for the 2x socket ring from towers in hellfire.Lifestealing on this one.Reply With", 02:15 PM #9 if you want to twink.Note: after rage beat in poker gain WAS fixed, alcor'S (OR ANY other super fast weapon) IS NO longer THE best tanking weapon.Lifestealing (Not shot clock in poker tested).Crest of Retribution (Ramstein the Gorger, Strat-UD).Here is a guide to some Best in Slot (BiS) pre-raid gear for tanks.There may be better out there but this is all Pre-Raid gear that is obtainable through 5 man Instances.Due to the re-occuring threads on the forum asking for this I thought I'd compose a list of gear-suggestions for Pre-Raid protection warriors.
Alcor IS only good FOR vael DUE TO unlimited rage.
Org/?item22331 Weapon: Timeworn Mace - nillagaming.

Org/?item18689, chest: Deathbone Chestplate.Helm: - Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator (Mekgineer Thermaplugg, Gnomeregan).Org/?item13142, legs: Legplates of Vigilance - nillagaming.If you know of some better Post below.Reply With", 09:49 AM #5, bWL/AQ40 gear together with some pvp pieces seems like the best.TBC Alliance leveling guide addon 10 40 comments, moP or WoTLK for a fresh player?Great for pulling a large pack and getting some solid initial aggro on them.Bonus section: AoE Tanking (pre-raid).The items are listed in order of value meaning higher up the list is better.