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How to Counter Counter-Camouflage In the Casinos:.
Part 2 examines issues surrounding time and motion concerns, identifies problems with redundant game protection procedures, examines mathematics behind creating successful promotions, and explains how standard deviation and chi square test can be used as a tool in the casino.It was at a Roundtable where I first met Al Francesco he just showed up one night.The thought that a casino would send an employee 200 miles into a different state, posing as a player for the purpose of spying on card counters, opened my eyes to the lengths the casinos would go to in order to find card counters.If you play in Las Vegas, it would be much safer to attend a party in Mississippi or Reno, etc., if you never intend to play there.At Public Events:.Stating that a specific casino has great penetration is probably fine.
Stanford Wong must have been chagrined to learn that Schubert was affiliated with this company, because 35 step bingo Schubert was also a subscriber to his Black Chip page.

America Online users, for instance, can obtain the names/addresses of other AOL users from AOL's directory.If I had wanted to get myself into a private team meeting, I couldn't do it to save my life.But some of these guys thought nothing of dragging along the bimbos they'd picked up that day by flashing wads of money around the tables hookers, cocktail waitresses, any babe would do women were like trophies to some of these guys.The participants are shown how to filter and work their casino's player lists to optimize their marketing and player reinvestment dollar.Part II went into the methods the casinos have been known to use to hide their surveillance efforts from players.With respect for these players' privacy, I will only say that a discussion about a unique playing opportunity in a specific location, with a veiled reference to a large blackjack team, led a casino lurker to investigate the possibility that this play might be going.Within days, they found themselves unable to play in any of the casinos where they had previously been welcome.The 'Angels' put an end to that kind of thinking!".Paul said that when the big teams learned about this some of them the hard way they finally got very serious about enforcing team policies against associating with non-team members during playing trips.If you play at the comp level, it is reckless to publicly announce the dates you will be in Reno or Las Vegas for the purpose of setting up meetings with strangers.
Key topics include: The use of coupons, different game rules, value-added strategies, tournaments, special events, etc.
No false ID, fake mustaches, or computer hacking are required.