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As mentioned, the jackpot starts at 75 million ( 95 million / 122 million and the prize pot increases by 5 million for each draw that it is not won, for 10 subsequent draws.Average Current Current Max.To sum things up: A SuperEna Max winning ticket is guaranteed to receive the fixed jackpot of at least 75 million.Click image to get your ticket NOW.As mentioned book of ra slot free earlier, in addition to its absolutely eye-popping, mouth-watering, guaranteed jackpots, SuperEna Max also features an occasional super draw option that adds up to 100 million to the already huge jackpot prize.Thats right, 3 chances per week to hit those lucky Superenamax numbers and pocket a windfall that can truly change ones life.
It is certainly easier said than done, but this is how mega lotteries such as the Superena Max, Powerball lotto and other are built.

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The latest draw results are posted immediately after each lottery draw and the winning numbers are based on the published winning numbers for the official SuperEna Lotto draw of the same date.Not only that, the SuperEnaMax lotto operator ( visit their site here ) guarantees a fixed prize jackpot in excess of 100 million at least once affichage bb pokerstars per month with its Superdraw play option!Update: This text was originally posted on the site back in the autumn of 2014.The SuperEna Max lottery is quickly becoming renowned for its unique and exciting features and would seem to have established itself very quickly, so we can see no reason why this one isnt here to stay and grow even bigger as time goes.Since then the SuperEna Max lotto has certainly seen nothing but growth as demand for tickets has skyrocketed.From this extra number set, a SuperStar number is randomly drawn.Please note, there is an additional cost involved for entering the Superstar option.SuperEnalotto Hot and Cold Numbers, date YY / MM / DD x x x x x x x x x x x x x Hot and Cold Numbers - all numbers 1-90 - click here SuperEnalotto Hot numbers Hot numbers (last 20 draws) show all.To view latest winnings and results, do check the site regularly.Every once in awhile we see a super draw play option called the.
Isnt that just way beyond amazing?

Unlike the aforementioned SuperEnaLottos varying jackpot prizes, when you play the new Super Ena Max lottery there is always a guaranteed minimum prize amount of 75 million pounds sterling, plus a special draw play option that instantly increases the price funds, adding an extra opportunity.
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