sonic mania bonus stages reward

Once the player moves past them, they will pop up and become operable until the player moves down to the lower sections.
Set, debug Mode.
UFO catch special stages are a little more difficult.
Normally, one type of Bonus Stage is set poker bicycle available, but.Insta-shield This is a jumping attack (first introduced in Sonic 3) that slashes enemies from a short distance.These medals serve to unlock bonus features such as extra gameplay features or extra modes.Because the planet is spherical, if you move forward in a straight line, you'll eventually circle around and end up back where you started.Collecting every blue sphere is the minimum requirement to completing a stage, giving you a Silver Medal.Each specific stage is attached to each of the seven Chaos Emeralds.Progress carries over between playthroughs, so no need to get them all in a single sitting.Sonic Mania special stages - How to play Blue Sphere and UFO.To complete the stage, you must go around the stage and collect all the blue spheres while avoiding the red ones.

You should have enough rings available to play it safe and reach the UFO.Each bonus stage takes place on a spherical planet.However, it is a useful way of unlocking Super Sonic and every Medal faster than finding them ordinarily.Use each of these to attempt the bonus stages.Contents, blue Spheres (Mania Mode this is the main type of Bonus Stage that is played in Mania Mode.However, it immediately outpaces you, and the only way to catch up is by increasing your speed by collecting blue orbs.The counter at the top-right corner of the screen reveals the total possible number of rings left to collect.Rings count down as you play, ending your run when fully depleted - collect rings to keep playing.In other words, complete the bonus stage several times until debug mode unlocks.The moment you enclose the blue sphere(s all of the spheres in the group will turn into rings.
These can be squares or rectangles, groups that already have partial outlines already completed, or have unusual shapes, such as bouncing spheres cutting into the corners.
Only silver medallions are necessary to unlock extras, but there is an Achievement/Trophy for collecting all 32 gold medallions.