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The one jump I always dread is after picking up those boxes in the middle near the end and you have to jump back onto the.
Brio Bonus Round #4 - Slippery Climb - Crash Bandicoot - All Bonus Rounds (Part #18).Prev, next 00:43,.The Fourth of Six Levels grand casino pokeriturnaukset that holds a "Coloured Gem" which you can earn by breaking all boxes in the Level and Bonus Stages without dying.(dying in the Bonus stage doesn't ank god) This "Red Gem" will open up some new paths in other Levels.Some people say this is the most hardest level in game but i beated this at my second try and this was exactly my third try when i recorded this.A good run in the level bonus.Social, categories, sports, cars, howto, comedy, songs.Thankfully, it didnt take me as long to beat this stage like it did with The High Road.The Red Gem, to be exact, meaning that once again, N-Sane Trilogys new leniency of letting you get Gems after death in Crash 1 does NOT apply here!Twitch /mairoutv SoundCloud.Ok I was shocked at how easy this level was in comparison to my Childhood!Sane Trilogy - 100 Walkthrough, Part 30: Slippery Climb (Red Gem).Although I got it on my twelfth attempt, its still embarrassing to know.4:44, crash Bandicoot 100 Walkthrough Part 27 - Slippery Climb.
This is the first of three games included in the Crash Bandicoot.
This level is terribly evil.

Another difficult stage that also bares a colored Gem.Brio bonus plussa kortin bonus raha vanhenee round.Advertisement (Log in to hide advertisement (Log in to hide advertisement (Log in to hide) 2018.Crash Bandicoot 1 Level 25: Slippery Climb Red Gem.Woo hoo, some level, but from what I have seen in the Beta level Stormy Ascent this is pimps!After trying to beat the level normally a couple of times, I started doing real attempts and then I got the gem on my first attempt!3:52, crash Bandicoot - 100 Walkthrough, Part 22: Slippery Climb.Often called the hardest level in the game, and it doesn't get any easier when you have to do a Brio stage as well.The hardest normal level in the entire game.20:31, crash bandicoot #16 Slippery Climb!
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It didnt take a lot of attempts getting this gem as most of my deaths came from rushing on the first floor.