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Norwegian Air Shuttle and Sterling Airlines had also complained about SAS's bonus program in Scandinavia.
Yes, 30 when you book at least 14 days in advance.
The final tier which can be obtained via flights or points is "Diamond", which requires 90 qualifying flights or 90,000 basic points.In addition, you can take advantage of their services to earn points towards your ray veikkaus yt collection.Carrier partners include Widerøe, a regional Norwegian airline, airBaltic, the Latvian flag carrier, Atlantic Airways, the state carrier of the Faeroe Islands, Estonian Air, Estonia's flag carrier, and you guessed it - SAS's good buddies from Star Alliance.Unlike many other programs, the EuroBonus qualification year is individual and not aligned with calendar years.EuroBonus has five membership levels.After a few months, the airline Norwegian Air Shuttle started flying major routes in competition.There is no limit on the amount of points you can purchase, though purchases are only available in blocks of 1,000.As a multi-time Freddie Award winner with 22 years of experience on its belt and counting, the EuroBonus program counts legions of satisfied members from both outside and within Scandinavia, and SAS welcomes you with open arms to be the next!By surpassing certain point thresholds (with basic points you can move up the membership tier ranks.In most cases, the more you fly, the higher your service class, and the more you pay for your tickets, the more points you will accumulate.Choose a welcome gift from the SAS Goodie bag (Christmas comes twice this year) Pandion The highest level of the EuroBonus program is Pandion, an exclusive tier that is awarded personally to about 1500 selected customers by the CEO of SAS.It was launched by, scandinavian Airlines in 1992.It is also a Star Alliance Gold card.
Children under 11 receive an additional benefit: 50 discount on the number of points required in order to book a trip.

Extended point validity (EuroBonus points are typically valid for 5 years, if you have Diamond, points are forever).Widerøe is the place.Free Wi-Fi onboard SAS aircrafts, silver, after earning 20,000 basic points in a year or following through with 10 one way trips, it's time to celebrate your induction into the Silver-level echelons of the EuroBonus program with a hearty dish of rødgrød med fløde.Benefits include business class check-in and extra baggage allowance on some flights and during some periods.Here are the rates for commonly-bought points blocks: Points Price 1,000 25 2,000 50 4,000 100 6,000 150 8,000 250 Transfer Points If you want to lend a helping hand to an amigo who is only centimeters away from being eligible to redeem that award.The entry level is "Member".Here are the assorted transfer fees for different amounts of points transferred: Points Transfer Fee 1,000 5 2,000 10 4,000 20 6,000 30 8,000 40 10,000 50 Missing Points Did you forget to officially register your trip with SAS from 5 months ago?Give away a free Silver card to an individual of your choice (friend, family member).These points can be broken up into two types: basic and extra.