By gathering more and more photographs, and by gradually adding new figures into his composition, Andrei becomes the online bingo card generator program keeper of collective memory.
3 The photographs of the slain soldiers are interpolated into Andrei's consciousness: in a scene on a busthe cards in the hands of the man sitting next to Andrei turn into the photographs that the residents of Gap have been bringing him.When she sees tanks driving through the fields, she looks terrified, possibly indicating that her husband, like many other men from this village, was killed at war.Inscriptions are an important component of graffiti, usually serving either as a message to the viewer or as the author's marker-signature.By drawing Klizia's portrait and attaching it to the cross on the grave-marker, Andrei completes his task of organizing the memory archive through works of art.He is chased and beaten by a gang of bikers on the streets of Moscow at night and is threatened with expulsion from the university by the dean during the day.His experiences in the village of Gap (.Refer to the event description for details about attending the event.Andrei and Klizia's especially close relations are established from the first moment they meet each other at the local bar.Even though most of the provincial people seem nice, sincere, and understanding, Apasian does not represent Gap as a heaven on Earth.As with Vasilii Shukshin's character.Nevertheless, all of the characters are able to understand each other.It introduces graffiti artist Del'fin, the main character, during one of his nightly rites of decorating Moscow walls with his youthful surrealism, and only subsequently shows Del'fin engaged in his daytime activitieshis studies at the Art Institute, where he is know by his real name.Because Andrei is only in his early twenties, Graffiti unfolds as a contemporary cinematic, bildungsroman, the story of his maturation.Andrei also becomes friends with the local QuasimodoMitiai, who suffers from shell-shock, presumably as a result of the war in Chechnia, and who makes his living by collecting sewage.Graffiti on the part of audiences comes mostly not from its visual special effects, camera work, and montage, which are very simple, but from its content and the catchy soundtrack by the popular bands, Animal Jazz and 5nizza.
Olga Klimova, University of Pittsburgh Graffiti, Russia, 2006 Color, 110 minutes Director: Igor' Apasian Scriptwriter: Igor' Apasian Cinematography: Radik Askarov Art Directors: Nadezhda Butorina, Sergei Karpenko Music: Aleksei Schelygin Cast: Andrei Novikov, Viktor Perevalov, Larisa Guzeeva, Aleksandr Il'in, Sergei Potapov, Andrei Bulatov, Ol'ga Iurasova Producer.
2, through the images witcher 3 witcher gear bonuses and signatures left on walls, graffiti can serve as a mode of memory preservation, and Apasian's film is about creating an archive of collective memory.

In the last scene of Graffiti, as in many previous scenes, the peaceful provincial landscape occupies the majority of the frame.The most important reason for the residents of Gap to stay in their village, however, is given at the end of the film.Let's Make Love zaimemsia liubov'iu, 2001), Il'ia Khotinenko's, call Me Genie!Notes 1 See Russian audience's responses on-line at Ruskino.Kinozhizn', the director explained poker night 2 youtube that the title of his film relates not only to its content, but also to its genre.On the other hand, she is the victim of some unknown traumatic event in which she lost her husband.Smiths Inspiring Donations makes fund-raising l you have to do is shop at Smith's Food and Drug and swipe your enrolled Rewards Card!
Individual memories of tragic moments in their lives become an important unifying element that, by the end of the film, transform into a collective memory and finds its signification in Andrei's wall painting at the rural club.
Andrei becomes an outsider because he does not follow the rules of civilized society.

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