Reiger, Academic historians and hunting: A call for more and better scholarship, in Environmental History Review, volume 19, number 3: For the first group, hunting is the gutshot deer gasping to death while its killer has given up pursuit, the woman in Maine shot.
Top definition gut-shot unknown, in poker, four out of five cards needed to make a straight if the middle number is the one missing.
In modern medicinal eras, while it's exceptionally painful, there is a higher survival probability than might otherwise be realized by a chest wound due to the more lengthy time it takes to "bleed out." Phil aimed his pistol at Larry's belly and gut-shot him over.The odds on a gutshot straight draw are lower than on a standard straight draw.1995 Autumn, Thomas.2005, David Lozell Martin, Facing Rushmore, isbn, page 214: The Calamity had convinced some Americans that hell was at hand - and now Charlie Hart was driving the road that led there, Interstate 15 from Las Vegas to the California border on any given Sunday.If you believe your IP address has been blocked inappropriately please submit the form below with all required fields to request removal of your IP address from our Intrusion Prevention System's block list.Extremely dismayed or distressed.Bruce Lee: If you ever call Ray Lewis a bastard again he will mutilate you and then proceed to eat your children.Contents, english edit, verb edit gutshot simple past tense and past participle of gutshoot, noun edit gutshot ( plural gutshots alternative form of gut-shot ( poker slang ) A poker hand which is four cards to a straight, where only one rank can complete.3-4-6-7, only a five completes the straight; A gut-shot straight.
When a new card, whether a drawn card or on the flop, turn or river, completes a straight, that card is inside or outside.
Since there is nothing higher or lower than an ace, those straights have only one out rather than two, which is the same as the inside gutshot straight.

Open-ended straight draws have better odds because there are eight cards that can make your straight.Johnson, New Realities and Wavering Truths, isbn, page 138: Despite the fact that we still don't know if I'll survive because of the gutshot, I still feel the trip was worth.High Stakes Poker Season 6, Episode 6 Recap.Typically, unless involved in a bluff play, skilled players avoid gutshot straights.If a player held 9-10, the flop is 2-Q-K and the turn is a J, the flush completes from the inside.Poker lotto results nsw 3827 News, john Cynn Wins the 2018 wsop Main Event for 8,800,000!
In the poker vernacular, this type of straight is a gutshot straight, referring to how it was made and the low odds of doing.
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