JEB: I bernstorff slot restaurant never see that bag afore Sheriff.
Say I reckon this Ranger must talk a lot like you.Sheriff: Put your guns down, Cal-I heard all that was said, and I guess it's you that'll be tried for the murder of veikkaus tukee vuosittain Higgens-not Jeb!Ranger: You see, my horse will join me, no matter where.CAL: Jeb, why'd yew do it?Ranger: You have two guns.Ranger: How did he keno voitot kokkola do it?JEB: By gosh, I don't know whether I would 'er not.JEB: Gosh, I guess he does want me, thar he comes now.Stop him boys-stop him.Shall I put the cuffs on him Sheriff?Ranger: You see, he did me a favor, and I always aim to return favors.JEB: Hullo Sheriff, Mirnin' Cal.
JEB: Name is Obie Cuyler, an' he's as square a man as yEw'd find in a long ride.

Sheriff: I'm sorry Jeb, I'll have to search yore cabin.Git away yuh danged nag yuh.Ranger: But why is there such a big reward for him?Ain't that storm a buster though?After you get out of this room.CAL: Sho' you don't think Jeb didn't do it?CAL: five hundred then.Look around an' see what he's doin'.I reckon this is the time that yer fast draw won't help yuh none!You can now sign up for the 2019 sass Texas State Championship! .CAL: Nope, I done my best tuh keep it quiet about who we picked up fer the murder of Higgens.

Ranger: It's true isn't it?
Suspense announcer: So they took old Jeb Langworth to jail for the murder of his friend Higgens.
Jerimy: By Tunket, Cal, I never see sech luck with cards as yew hev.