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Sasuke-Ya I.
"I may be broke, but I still have my dignity.
"Who said I lost?" She grabbed her pile of clothes, her hands forming a teleportation jutsu.Gaara just waited to hear what games."Don't struggle Sasu-chan, or this won't be much fun for you.Naruto began to deal keno kaksi oikein the cards out, seeing everyone look at each other before they all took a drink."You can't win everything!" "I'll kill you!" Sasuke snarled, lunging for the boy.Enticed, Naruto quickly opened and read the note.He licked his lips and started the next round.
He eventually went upwards, making a small trail with his tongue.
Sakura promptly whacked him on the head.

"Don't run away, you coward!" Sakura snapped, reaching for him, but he had already vanished.When she saw the weird looks her team was giving her, she said defensively, "What?They glanced at each other, then quickly looked away."She's totally going to kill us, isn't she?" " Ha!This would technichally be his first kisswith a girl.They leaned towards each other, eyes closed, until their lips met.When he could tell that Sasuke was near release, he sped.Sasuke eyed the cloths warily, and was about to ask what they were for when Naruto tied one over his eyes, and the other was stuffed into his mouth.Sasuke got up to go get his gambling money, while Sakura responded, "Seventy ryo." "Everything I had Naruto said, emptying his frog wallet onto the floor next to him.Saskue just sat there trying to look cool as usual but he kept giving Sakura quick glances.
Placing her cards to one side, she reached down and removed.her shoe.
Did you want something?" Sasuke arched off the bed, pressing his ass against Naruto's face.