Had any of you find a way to repair this?
You may use these instead of the pads directly on the USB footprint.
Route the wire flush to the board add extra "wiggles" to the wire as a form of mechanical strain relief.De-soldering Braid, torx T5 screwdriver small flat bladed screwdriver (optional diagonal cutters small hemostat or fine tweezers.However, setting it with epoxy can be a substitute.In this case, someone (not me) somehow managed to totally demolish the mini USB port in their new Motorola cell phone.Next, cut across the center of the connector.It should pull right out once the cable is disconnected.There are also guides for repairing the missing metal pads, but euro loto rezultati hrvatska this is not easy.I can't find much online.The super fine tip on my 15 watt Weller pencil made this easy.Originally Posted by, tomsAndroid, hi everyone, I have a problem with my Nexus.At some point, just about everyone manages to mess up their precious electronics.I had a hard time believing something so simple would work slotsmillion casino bonus code so well, so I tried it too with my old OG Motorola Droid, and sure enough, after I cleaned out what was hiding in there, USB connections were much firmer.Probe Points ) on the board, indicated on the schematic as PP1 through PP6 which are connected to the USB side of the power supply.
After a good cleaning (and you can see the amount of crud he scraped out at the link below the fit wasn't as snug as new, kaiji one poker hen manga but it was much better than it had been in years.

Either solder the jumper wires directly to your power supply, modify a usb extension cable or use a screw terminal breakout board to create a place to connect a standard USB power Supply.To get started, take off the back cover and remove the battery.Also, I think this is related, I'm having trouble connecting to my computer.The damage to the pins was pretty amazing once the top was off.Next, whip out that Torx T5 and remove the screws holding the phone together.The shielding on the sides should be cut to allow each leg to be removed individually.Rework is not trivial, for reattaching the original component you should follow rework procedures for leaded surface mount components, a good guide is available here, figure: Illustration representing soldering a leaded component.Use Kapton Tape ( polyimide film tape ) to secure the wire to the board, leave dangling ends.An, in fact, there are companies you can pay to do this.Figure: Routing a jumper through a via for strain relief.
Hi, i have the same problem, and I know it's not the cable, I have tried a lot of cables and I have came to the conclusion that it's something in the mini USB port inside the tablet.
Working from one side to the other, heat up the solder pad on each pin.

Figure: Example of Routing a Jumper Wire along the surface of a PCB.