Use the spitfire to blow up the cars on the lot and listen to the volus dealer cry out every time you blow one up!
Choosing the Renegade path, Shepard will say "Get off my ship" and kick the clone off, mimicking the climax of the Harrison Ford film.
File credits, all the people from the Me3Explorer program that made modding possible.Yet twice now I never got his little side mission/scene thing during the DLC.Call out to Canada, bioware showing some pride for it's Canadian roots.4) Jack Armor: Jack will now wear armor in the Armnax Arena like any resonable person would.To showcase some the quirky and off the wall touches, below youll find a series of videos that can be either designated as an Easter Egg or are just plain funny.This scene is made available during Shepards and Kaidan's heart to heart after the ending of the DLC.Ellise, Horography, Kitsumi, ChronoHunter, and Iokan's hard work made this mod possible so please check their work out.Credits/Permission The following people were also essential to the making of this mod.Liara persuades the volus car dealer to open the gate.Regardless of how your itneracted in ME1 this scene plays out.All Squad Mates in Formal Dress.

I did do the scene with Shep in the hospital reading the passages.Let me know if there are any issue or bug with the mod.How do I get them up there or are they limited to love interests coming up in some fashion?Mass Effect game and characters are belong to Bioware.Below is a list of all the changes.Thirdly, I got the email from Kolyat about the memorial service, but again, never showed up couldn't invite him.(Courtesy of Kitsumi) 9) Cortez Tank Top: Cortez will now wear a tank top for the duration of the DLC.I've got him, he shows up on the invite list, was loyal throughout member of Clan Urdnot.As with all DLC mods, this mod also requires WarrantyVoider's DLC Patch files to be installed in Mass Effect 3BinariesWin32.I'm not the best at retexturing but I did my best with my new casino ruhl nice france digital pad!