Mike Thompson edit Mike Sugar Bear Thompson is Junes current husband (but not her last).
Plot Summary, add Synopsis, genres: Reality-TV.
Honey Boo Boo will likely still have many film appearances in the future.
The first episode sums it all up: This is my crazy family.This page contains spoilers important plot secrets and/or conclusions may be revealed.Start your free trial).The mother-of-four, 32, who recently became a grandmother, is seen taking daughters Anna 'Chikadee 17, 'Chubbs' (aka Jessica 15, Lauryn 'Pumpkin 12, and Alana to örbyhus slott erik xiv a local Bingo hall.'1,000 for the pageant next week.'.See also edit Paula Deen - another chicken fried fattie with a TV show United States of America - The local wildlife aren't much ahead of the curve than Honey Boo Boo.Again, no one gives a fuck.Although TLC is happy to run a show catering almost entirely to pedophiles, after an accusation that Mama June was dating Mark McDaniel, a child molester who was just released from prison after serving 10 years for forcing oral sex on an 8 year old.Published: 20:13 GMT, 18 September 2012 Updated: 10:17 GMT, 19 September 2012 73, view comments, honey Boo Boo's larger-than-life mother is seen showing off her 'Bingo face' in a clip from tomorrow's episode of the family's TLC reality show.Nobody gives a shit about him, so he can go fuck himself Sisters edit Good god theres more?She adds that her goal is to win money to fund Alana's pageant career, and admits as much to a fellow player.This may just be an excuse to cancel the show, considering its ratings were dropping and TLC wouldn't have aired the show in the first place if it didn't want to help pedophiles get off.The episode names make no fucking sense.June invented Go Go Juice, which is shoved down Boo Boos throat to get her focused during pageants.
The show, if you could even call it that, revolves around the fucktarded life of a 7 year old redneck fat girl who happens to compete in beauty pageants.

I guess that's like my Bingo face.'.The same episode, which will air tomorrow, includes a trip to the beauty salon, tips from a local pageant queen and Alanas seventh birthday bash).'Bingo is a sport.The South - Where these degenerate wastes of life hail from.She's also a beauty pageant participant in her home state of, georgia.It appears to be Alana's first time at Bingo, but being just six years old, she fails to grasp the concept - despite efforts from her mother and sisters to explain how the game works.Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video.So, as you can guess, all we watch is the typical drama that ensues around the household of the beauty bitch.Call of Duty, where she acts like a supercilious cunt because she has moar achievements than you or she is famous while you dwell in your moms basement, only to get pwnt five seconds later.'I guess that's my Bingo face Honey Boo Boo's mom June pulls bizarre expression as she indulges in her favourite 'sport'.
She is a beauty queen, because apparently overweight saggy undeveloped little girls are considered attractive in Georgia.