Jonah Jameson based on other peoples' view of him.
Portable Hole : The Spot's main gimmick (due to a Freak Lab Accident, of course).
It disappears after a couple hours or so, so he wigin lotto doesn't even leave a mess.Call It Karma :.Unfortunately, he makes the mistake of telling Andy that he'd lose his powers if The Jackal managed to drain them from him, prompting Andy/Alpha to break free and state that he would rather die then lose his powers and go back to being a powerless.Spiders Are Scary : Subverted by his fun-loving wise-cracking personality (unless he's fighting somebody who has seriously pissed him off).Not Me This Time : Subverted in that even though Norman Osborn will often deny involvement in a scheme hurting Spider-Man, lazy writing will often retcon him as being the mastermind.

Post-Mortem Comeback : The entire robot-disguised-as-parents plan was set in motion by Harry Osborn (Green Goblin II) some time before his death.Jonathan Ohnn first appeared unnamed.Giovanni Battista Moroni (1524-78) Mannerist painter best-known for his portraiture.Reptiles Are Abhorrent : Apparently turning into a reptile is what turns Curt Connors into a humanity-hating villain.Spider People : While Spidey himself generally doesn't qualify, being just a normal-looking human with spiderlike powers, there have been occasions where he mutated further into "Man-Spider a far more monstrous form somewhere in between a bipedal human and a giant multi-armed spider.Animated Series teamed Spider-Man with other heroes, such as Firestar and Iceman.Or simply kiriskka netticasino just not be surprised when someone's behind him; his Spider-Sense averts this trope happening fully to him for the same reason of his power being able to sense when someone hostile is lurking about.Deliberately invoked in-universe with Scorpion, who received his powers and codename so he could hunt Spider-Man: in real life, scorpions prey on spiders.This goes back a long way with him; at the end of a very early adventure, Peter Parker calls Liz Allen on the phone to ask for a date only to have her tell him she's already told off his rival Flash Thompson and wants.Adventures of Captain America (Vol.
In lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 il Soldato d'inverno è un personaggio giocabile.