holdem probability calculator

So the chances of being dealt any specific pair are 221:1 against, in fact with 13 possible pairs the chances of being dealt any pair go up to 16-to-1 (there are 78 pair combinations from 1326 total).
They have regular offers, including betting rebates, a 100 Welcome bonus and the 'Raiders' bonus where punters get an extra 10 on their winnings when betting on English horses abroad!Gives you the exact odds in every situation, that creates an advantage for you on a consistent basis.I believe it has made me a much better player.Remember that casino games have very few variables - the results always occur within predictable ranges.Alongside the best odds guaranteed standard bonus, Racebets have a Daily Happy Hour, when they are Guaranteed Top Price on every horse in a selected race.
No pair board When theres no pair on the board, you may call with 2nd nut kicker if either both your wow tanaan bonus objectives cards play, or there is no possible flush on board.

4 24 to 1, flop Probabilities: Flopping a pair.Successful sports betting The key to successful sports betting is to understand that whereas casino betting is an exact science - a battle against long-term probability - betting on horses is far more random.In this case, you need only 3rd nut kicker.120 (used by American sportsbooks).If you dont have a kicker, and wish to play the board, the board kicker must be 5th nut (i.e., there are only 4 cards the dealer can have to beat you).If you take either an early morning price or a board price (ie the price showing at the time you put your bet on then you will get that price at the very least.At.2 (of the ante) house edge, the game is very cheap, since your average.2 unit bet reduces the house take.5 of your action.
25 (shown as payouts in casino games).
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The table below shows a few pre-flop decision points, and the difference between raising 4x and just checking.
1.2 82.
We've also included a section on different bet types (each-way, place and multiple (Yankee, Lucky 15 etc).