The OS is Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium.
I used that - I thought it went well.I don't know of any Linux "live CD" being that small?I forgot to test booting from the dvd/rw and just noticed when I started the computer it showed the HL-DT and the Western Digital disk.Maybe when you uninstalled all the stuff you did, windows lost track of the correct device interface?How old is this particular PC?I have MemTest on a disk I could also try.I don't know how to identify it, etc.I think listed in the uninstaller was optic devices or something like that.You may have to boot into safe mode in order to remove the DVD drive if you're not successful from within the.Is the samsung I put a link to good?If you only have the one cd/dvd in your machine then that should be enough.Select the CD-ROM in Disk Management and right click, then select Change Drive Letter.Unplug all your USB devices and try the DVD alone.The listed scsi CD-ROM in your screen shot may be from software and not be for the hardware CD-ROM.The only thing I found was a manual which said to access the bios (desktop) use delete key when starting.

I just went into Disk Management and took a screenshot.If you don't press the key at the right time then restart windows again and start hitting the key sooner.This is a Linux Rescue CD used with Macrium Reflex and it does boot the computer (it's not a LiveCD).Sincerely, Libra Libra As mentioned earlier, I think removing the HP Printer drivers caused this problem.You can use a Freeware System info program like SIW.The DVD drive should be listed as a drive, if it is not then the controller it is plugged into on the motherboard is disabled and must poker good luck charms be enabled.That is not a normal error for a hardware DVD drive.I'll take a look at Newegg.When I received it I tried it out and was able to use Windows software to save some files to disk.When I put a disk into the drive I don't notice anything.Libra Premium Member join: USA Thank you asdf.
You could have some CD-ROM emulator that is using the D drive letter and your CD-ROM may be connected to a disabled "in bios" disk controller and is why it don't work.
When I click on the DVD drive located under the Hard Disk Drives and click on "eject" it opens the door.