The Unidimm standard will only have puhumalla siitä selviää veikkaus one slot for both generations.
Sodimm only means they are small memory modules commonly used in laptops and some small form factor PCs, as opposed to physically much bigger dimm memory used in traditional desktop computers.
So, a DDR3 voitolla casinot memory module wont fit in a DDR4 slot.Besides the physical differences, DDR3 and DDR4 RAM differ in voltages.According to, dell's article, you won't be able to put DDR3 into DDR3L slot and get it to work because boards utilizing DDR3L expect your memory to work.35V, compared.5 v that DDR3 memory requires.In an interesting report by, toms Hardware (Via, kitGuru it turns out that using DDR3 RAM at its stock settings could actually be detrimental for the health of your processor.Other than that, they are pretty much the same (at least from practical standpoint).Unfortunately, that cant be done.DDR3 is a single voltage capable memory Sodimm, which supports.5V operation only.It is more power efficient and generally faster, but doesnt noticeably improve overall performance nor battery life of notebooks. As prices of DDR4 drop ever faster, users will want to jump ship and upgrade to the latest standard.You might recall that one of the benefits of the DDR4 memory standard is the increased power efficiency.Note: If you see sodimm in specs of both DDR3 and DDR4 laptop memory, that doesnt mean they are compatible.Now the primary problem is that.
Prominent AIBs such as Kingston, Micron and many more are fully supporting this initiative. .
First of all, a DDR3 laptop RAM module cant physically fit into a DDR4 laptop RAM slot and vice versa.

Notches on the connectors of memory sticks are on different places.DDR3L is also pin-compatible with DDR3.Laptops manual says ddr3L that runs.35v and the cpu used in those require DDR3L memory support.Also, the number of pins doesnt match.One of the biggest advantages of Skylake is the fact that it has an IMC design with multiple memory support.DDR3 memory on the other hand is actually.5Vs.DDR3L is a dual voltage capable memory Sodimm, which supports operation at both.5V and.35V.That leaves migrating users with a budget problem only with DDR3L memory, which officially runs.35V.
Ofcourse, if you plugin DDR3 memory (provided your motherboards has the necessary slot it will run.
This also means that the memory controller designed for such a standard will naturally be able to tolerate less extreme voltages.