Cisco ISR 4451-XTable 1-5, cisco ISR 4451-X Router Specifications chapter on Ethernet Management in SW Configuration Guide Specification.5.25.7.
So all interfaces will be in slot 0, such as FastEthernet 0/0 or FastEthernet 0/24.
All built in interfaces on a modular router and bete lotto all WIC cards are considered to be in slot.
Other router interfaces will be built right onto the casino nd free spins 30 november 2017 router.Hardware Installation Guide for the Cisco 4451-X Integrated Services Router.Usually the order will be the built-in interfaces and then the modules in the order of the display.The bay numbers for pvdm4s start with the next bay number after the last NIM bay number.The two modular sata slots share the same bay as the third NIM slot.In the second WIC slot is a two port serial module.The system treats the onboard interfaces as if they lived on a virtual NIM plugged into bay.Preferably, you should match up the physical slots and interfaces with the named interfaces before making any changes on that router.Same router, fourth hwic, second port.When in doubt, look at the router and how its slots are labeled and do a show ip interface brief to see what slots were found.Table 1-5, description, physical, dimensions (H x W x D).
So when you are referencing the slots, the convention changes.
Slot 3, subslot 1, and port.

You might also say FastEthernet 0/3/1.If it finds one, it powers the module and adds the interfaces to the available configuration.This can be confusing sometimes. .That means that the interfaces are cards (modules) that can be plugged into the router in different slots.Specifications, the following tables provide Cisco ISR 4451-X specifications.You might see a port FastEthernet 3/3/0.Thus, it won't be until you populate the first network module slot that you'll have anything other than "0" in the portion of the interface numbering on the x800 series.
Which slot and port, or which chassis slot, subslot, and port.

Now lets talk about the slot port# designation.