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We shared the Revel ads with a few consumer law experts.
When I told my mom about this she said, Thats not what the ad on TV said, he said.
Theyre creating an environment of hoops you have to go through to get your full refund, he said.
All July long, were going to refund all slot losses.Both the video ad and the print ad have the capacity to deceive within the meaning of the Consumer Fraud Act, said Madeline Houston, a West Caldwell consumer law attorney.You really cant lose.Thats right if you win, you win.THE fine print AND THE LAW.Ad campaign by Revel.The Revel casino does have these details on their web site in the smallest fine print I have ever seen.He didnt like the fine print on the You cant lose promotion.While Ed Conti prefers table games, hell play slots when he visits casinos with his mother.If it sounds too good to be true, it probably.
The program works like this: Revel will provide customers with free play slot dollars for losses of at least 100 during July.
After several days and no calls, we asked again.

5, but if you dont visit the casino for each of those 20 weeks, you dont get your full refund.You see the ad, and then you really see the ad, and you feel like you have to take a shower.I think their TV ad is misleading and I would bet five will get you 10 that seniors have fallen prey to it, he said.To summarise: - Casino states they coin toss game bit coin casino are MGA licenced, but casino not covered under said licence (prominently displayed on their website) - Casino fails to take self-exclusion requests seriously by openly admitting they will not enforce requests if you don't specifically mention the phrase "gambling.I was at work last night and I just did it on our break time.The FTC publication also says that there is no specific rule about the size of type in a print ad or the length of time a disclosure must appear on TV, but the FTC has often has taken action when a disclaimer or disclosure.I don't know if I am allowed to pay them on my next salary which is on the 25th of August.As per our terms and conditions;.
Conti said he and his wife Ann Marie decided to visit Revel on July 5 to check out the promises made in the ad campaign for his mom.
Posted on November 28, 2016.

So we are going to make you an offer you cant refuse.