It means double-data-rate three synchronous dynamic random access memory or double-data-rate three synchronous dynamic RAM.
RAM (Random Access Memory) simm - Single memory module dimm - Dual memory module sdram - Single Data "RAM" DDR - Dual data kasvava jackpot rate DDR2 - Dual data rate x 2 DDR3 - Dual data rate x 3 ECC - Error Correction Mhz - Speed.
A higher clock speed is better.The slot itself is categorized as "DDR3" so it will fit.The number of pins is thesame on both sides though, so if there are 100 or 120 pins on oneside, it's DDR2.I have 2 240pin DDR2 RAM sticks with 2GB in each; can I use them on a motherboard that is a 240pin DDR3?One good utility is cpu-z from the following website: m/ It can provide a lot of details on computer hardware, processor, chipset and memory installed in a PC without need of opening the machine.The speed of the RAM will only work if your motherboard supports that speed.(more a RAM slot is an empty slot that on the inside of your computer on the motherboard.Short answer: yes it will work.If you are trying to find what kind of memory is used in a computer using a software, there are software utilities which can help you find details of memory installed on a machine.The two memory banks have little, if anything to do with each other.
Power regulation and clock signals for that memory is regulated by the GPU.

However, a 32-bit Operating system it won't be able to use all 4 GBs of RAM.DDR3 runs at higher clocks and lower voltages due to a more complex 90nm manufacturing process than DDR2 Ram.NO It Cant Coz Cut in Between Pins Is At Different Locations And Power Supply To DDR is More Than to that of DDR2's So DDR2 may burn if we insert it in DDR1 SLot.Some older 32-bit server processors and motherboards could also address 6 GB with PAE enabled, but these were much more limited in what you could actually k plussa vs s bonus accomplish with them.(more they are the same in your case.A ccess, m emory, is your computers short-term memory.However, capacity is only one specification.Another important specification to consider when looking at RAM is the clock speed.Ddrii a pin pin 220pin.
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Also ddr3 can support twice as much capacity per stick than ddr2.

Clock speed is an indication of how well the RAM will perform in much the same way that clock speed indicates how well a processor will perform, and it is part of the equation that determines the maximum theoretical peak bandwidth of memory.
DDR3 has highest mbps DDR3 can be used in latest motherbord because only latest motherboard that is compatible with DDR3, DDR2 can not be used in that motherboards.