You can use your Garrison to farm a decent amount of perfect pairs blackjack vegas ores, herbs, leather, and fur every day without having Mining, Herbalism, or Skinning as a profession on your character.
Female Lightforged Draenei : We haven't crashed the Vindicaar yet.Also improved Build Order recommendations.To sum it up, most of the Garrison outposts provide you a zone-wide buff or perk, so for the most part, you need to make the choice between one buff/perk or another.There are 6 such quests and they reward a bag that contains Apexis Crystals and that has a chance to contain a level 645 or 655 item token.Building Guides We have guides for all the buildings.Dwarven Bunker / War Mill Doubles the chance that your quest rewards get upgraded to rare or epic quality.They are not optional, meaning that you must build one to progress through the introductory quest line of your faction in Draenor and unlock the rest of the continent.Transmogrification For transmogrification gear, please see the Dwarven Bunker / War Mill guide.A great one comes from Male Draenei.Scribe's Quarters Teaches you Draenor Inscription recipes, if you are a Scribe, or allows you to craft some Draenor Inscription recipes, if you are not.Lumber Mill Enables the production of Garrison Resources from Timber gathered around Draenor.The Forge Teaches you Draenor Blacksmithing recipes, if you are a Blacksmith, or allows you to craft some Draenor Blacksmithing recipes, if you are not.
If you lose your Garrison Hearthstone, speak with the Innkeeper in your Town Hall to get a new one.
She just thinks it's funny to mess with te :Ethel is an old lady Tauren who is mostly blind that you lead, very, very slowly to meet her grandson that you rescued.

Male Worgen: Worgen : So then she says to me ".I've never met anyone more in need of a mask.What big teeth you have!The possibilities are endless, but hopefully, the examples above have given you an idea of what.Stables Allows you to capture and breed 6 Draenor-specific mounts.Pandaren : I was talking to Tauren the other day, no Worgen.Summoned raid or world bosses have scaling health and are intended for 10-40 players.Invasions happen after you have killed a high number of mobs from a Draenor enemy faction: Botani, Goren, Iron Horde, Ogre, Shadow Council, and Shadowmoon Clan.Primal Trader Primal Spirits are sometimes looted from mobs in Draenor.Trading Post Enables the production of Garrison Resources in exchange for random crafting reagents.
Fixed the amount of Garrison Resources you can get from the Trading Post (was 20 per Work Order during beta, but it is 30 on live servers) 19 Nov.