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Katar of Piercing Wind3 or Katar of Quaking3 2x Hydra card Skel Worker card * Bloody Roar * Jur3 3x Orc Skeleton card or 2x Orc Skeleton card 1x Skeleton Soldier card *.:See Leveling section.
After being freed from Agartha her soul travels with Maxis to The House where she lives in a perfect universe along with her father, Ludvig, and the child versions of Richtofen, Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo.Shield: * Valkyrjas Shield1 Thara Frog card Garment: * Wool Scarf1 Noxious card or Raydric card Shoes: * Tidal Shoes1 Antique Firelock card or Green Ferus or Matyr card card or Verit card * Shadow Walk (wear only if under heavy magical attack for mdef).Requires to be linked with Assassin Spirit (SL skill).She is the daughter.Use low-level SD followed by level 10 SD to kill wanderers.Base exp is great.Disclaimer: This guide is part of the content generated from Legacy ROs Character Class Guides Event.There are other quests that reward you with experience, but I do not really recommend them as means of leveling at this point.This is the standard recommendation, every Assassin should do this at some point.Heres a useful tip.Recommended for PvP and WoE.
Recommended for PvM, MvP and PvP.

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Requires Ice Pick and aspercio.Upon entering a new room in a WoE map, the player is given 5 seconds of invulnerability.SA gives 50 Hit, the Hit actually being Accuracy rate.Hide when skills are casted at you, this will cause the opponents skill to fail, and youll take no damage.In my opinion the best build, but the hardest to equip as well.Weapon ATK receives size penalty.Soul Destroyer/Sonic Blow.:This build uses powerful skills to deal great damage.If he uses Enchant Poison or a Cursed Water, change your armor to Evil Druid.

(30 LUK) Marionette Control.