Greenbone-security-assistant.0.3 Greenbone Security Assistant (gsa) - OpenVAS web frontend grepforrfi.1 Simple script for parsing web logs for RFIs and Webshells.2 gtp-scan.7 A small python script that scans for GTP (gprs tunneling protocol) speaking hosts.
Unicornscan.4.7 A new information gathering and correlation engine.
Upnpscan.4 Scans the LAN or a given address range for UPnP capable devices.You can choose to search a single dork at a time or you can make lists with one dork per line and perform mass scans.Praeda.1dc2220 An automated data/information harvesting tool designed to gather critical information from various embedded devices.Httpsscanner.2 A tool to test the strength of a SSL web server.Topera.3e230fd An IPv6 security analysis toolkit, with the particularity that their attacks can't be detected by Snort.Cloudflare-enum.412387f Cloudflare DNS Enumeration Tool for Pentesters.Leviathan.a1a1d8c A mass audit toolkit which has wide range service discovery, brute force, SQL injection detection and running custom exploit capabilities.Rtlizer.5614163 Simple spectrum analyzer.Rawr.0924126 Rapid Assessment of Web Resources.Masscan.0.5 TCP port scanner, spews SYN packets asynchronously, scanning entire Internet in under 5 minutes modscan.1 A new tool designed to map a scada modbus TCP based network.Lynis.7.0 Security and system auditing tool to harden Unix/Linux systems maligno.5 An open source penetration testing tool written in python, that serves Metasploit payloads.A2sv 130.9878a76, auto Scanning to SSL Vulnerability.Results and process flow should flow as normal so dont kobasteris pokerstars worry about.You will get a file called b-links.Panhunt.585aff3 Searches for credit card numbers (PANs) in directories.Scanless.e63f55e Utility for using websites that can perform port scans on your behalf.
Bleah.ea5c36e A BLE scanner for "smart" devices hacking.
Dnmap.6 The distributed nmap framework dns2geoip.1 A simple python script that brute forces DNS and subsequently geolocates the found subdomains.

Mssqlscan.8.4 A small multi-threaded tool that scans for Microsoft SQL Servers.Vais.5c35c3a SWF Vulnerability Information Scanner.Gggooglescan.4 A Google scraper which performs automated searches and returns results of search queries in the form of URLs or hostnames.Host-extract.0134ad7 Ruby script tries to extract all IP/Host patterns in page response of a given URL and JavaScript/CSS files of that URL.Swarm.1713c1e A distributed penetration testing tool.Txt _ -"- _ /.".Again if you have questions, suggestions, or improvements and contributions you can email me at Let it also be known that I in no way take any responsibility for anything you do with this tool.Cpfinder.1 This is süper loto sonuçlar 20 eylül a simple script that looks for administrative web interfaces.Designed for distribution, indexation and analyze of the generated data during the process of a security audit.Pentestly 1798.93d1b39 Python and Powershell internal penetration testing framework.Faraday 6082.2c4a1fe9 A new concept (IPE) Integrated Penetration-Test Environment a multiuser Penetration test IDE.
Scrape-dns.3df392f Searches for interesting cached DNS entries.

Nsia.0.6 A website scanner that monitors websites in realtime in order to detect defacements, compliance violations, exploits, sensitive information disclosure and other issues.
Note: The Google dorker doesnt bypass the Google restrictions anymore but if you scan and then analyze or scan with Google, then scan with Bing, then Analyze you will keep the blocks down to a minimum and shouldnt notice any issues.