The bingo card has the number of tasks that you need to do, to complete that square.
If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file.Its great for the derby tasks that townies are sorted based on character but otherwise it was much better to have the ones that had least buildings left to come first.Then select the building.Level 149 (44 Town) Achievements: 140/141 * Mastered: 39/39 * Barn/Silo: Never Big Enough!Tag # C8Y2R, reply With", october 23rd, 2017 #3.Adding to that, now you can't easily see when your townies have completed their orders.I e e e to tiite i te igo ti e iig te ey it eet oe?Yes, it's nice to see how köpa slott sverige many of each townie we have, especially when a neighbour is searching for a particular type for derby task, but that's the only bonus of this new re-ordering.Points derby (as above plus the value assigned to gaining 3 lines) (Max points but I think it will be virtually impossible unless you're prepared to pay thousands of diamonds to constantly refresh the board.When selecting a visitor in the 'Idle' tab, you should be able to send it to the desired building or 'send away'.The "Meet visitor" -button or whatever it is in english is really useless in all tabs.AS PER nicks post *Completing the tasks indicated on the bingo board, form horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines and you and all your neighbors will receive additional threshold rewards!I am all in for the new tabs, those are great way to manage visitors when there are lots of them at the same time but all this new clicking leaves me dissatisfied in the.I remember when the town was first intoduced the visitors were sorted by something other than time left.
This was a feature that was only needed for gaming the Derby tasks.
It was annoying to scroll and look for those that had the least buildings left.

Mimi Guyguy's, player levels from 31 to 187.October 16th, 2017 #41, originally Posted by hyperdulia, sorry to say, that now the town takes me so much longer to.Reply With" October 16th, 2017 #48 Hello I am new in this s help me why i cant update my hayday?Reply With", october 16th, 2017 #44, originally Posted by, momx15, the town is incredible!Obviously there were no derby tasks then but I still feel that time left is the best way to sort them.They changed it but now we have gone back to that.3 clicks now instead of 2 to send a townie to a shop is annoying.It doesn't matter what the points value of the task.Last edited by SmallChange; October 23rd, 2017 at 12:48.